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Thank you to be interested with my work, this section is here to avoid mails on the most populars questions, I will will keep it updated.
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I’m using some various software on production like Zbrush, 3DS Max with Vray, Photoshop or Lightroom. For personal project I like to try various software for experimenting, depending on what I want to explore. 

You are totally free to share my work, adding my credits and if possible a link to my website or one of my social networks will be really appreciated.
Anyway don’t hesitate to contact me to notify me of your sharing.

It totally depend what are the needs for the design, its scale and its complexity, it can start from hours for a quick blockout and overpaint, to a day or days for a full a 3D concept, and more than a week for characters with a lot of details like the Leviathan suit done for Hexodeus.

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To contact me for project inquiries, press requests, event invitations or standard mail, please use the form contact.
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