Endless Space 2: Sophon

Trailer for the game Endless Space 2

CLIENT  Supamonks

YEAR  2016

For this trailer I had the opportunity to work on the concept of all characters and some spaceships. It involved a lot of work and we had few time to make it real. So the first deal was to manage time and efficiency. With the help of storyboard I knew that all models will never be in close up but in a medium size in frame, and for the spaceships very blurry with the speed and motion blur.
It allowed me to focus on the silhouette and also in the contrasts of the colors and shaders without spending time in small details unnecessary for our needs.

Sophon Soldier

Sophon is an advanced technological race with a small size. I took naturally the way of a futuristic design for the armor, I wanted it very light to preserve the silhouette.
With a bright metal, the result is something compact but the feeling of resistance is still there.