Farming Simulator 2019 E3 Trailer

CLIENT  Brunch Studio

YEAR  2018

In 2019 I was involved as environment and assets supervisor on the Farming Simulator 2019 E3 Trailer for Capsule Studio. My role was both to produce the main assets such as vehicles and build the major part of the environments. Within the environment team Camille Roux as junior artist was in charge of producing the assets and Louis Marsaud focused on the time lapse.
On my side I focused on all outside shots from scratch, once the direction was ok Louis Marsaud took the flag on the cotton field sequence to improve even more the shots while I upgraded all the interiors shots. It was a very good challenge since I had to work on all the shots at different degrees to keep to insure a consistent quality of the whole trailer.

Environments Raw Timelapse & Process

As making-of, to illustrate my process of environment set dress, lighting and assembly I compiled a selection of test renders made during this production.
I only edited them to create different videos to illustrate the different phase during the creation of the trailer. Thought it was a good way to share my workflow without artifice of every regular day at work for the best and the worst.

E3 Trailer Still Frames