Strike Vector EX

CLIENT  Ragequit Corporation

YEAR  2013

In September 2013, I was contacted by a couple of friends, Stephane Montel and Mhamed Elmezoued. They had an idea in mind, using their spare time between commercial projects to work on a personal one, a game trailer.

They chose to make a partnership with a small game studio: Ragequit Corporation. The deal was simple, they let us use their IP to build a trailer while keeping in mind the production constraints : no money, we work on our spare time, etc…
My first role was to redesign the main hero Vector ship and make it ready for production. I had to make the model from game more realistic, by enhancing details shapes, shaders, etc. and adding functionality.

Later some parts of the main design were re-used for the vilain Vector (2nd ship of the trailer). I also helped on some shots for environment design, and lighting.

For those who are interested about the story of this project or the journey of a game trailer we have made a website telling our stories and showing all different steps from first idea to the final release.
Go check it on: