Strike Vector EX

Trailer for the game Strike Vector EX

CLIENT  Ragequit Corporation

YEAR  2013

In September 2013, I was contacted by a couple of friends, Stephane Montel and Mhamed Elmezoued. They had an idea in mind, using their spare time between commercial projects to work on a personal one, a game trailer.

They chose to make a partnership with a small game studio: Ragequit Corporation. The deal was simple, they let us use their IP to build a trailer while keeping in mind the production constraints : no money, we work on our spare time, etc…
My first role was to redesign the main hero Vector ship and make it ready for production. I had to make the model from game more realistic, by enhancing details shapes, shaders, etc. and adding functionality.

Later some parts of the main design were re-used for the vilain Vector (2nd ship of the trailer). I also helped on some shots for environment design, and lighting.

For those who are interested about the story of this project or the journey of a game trailer we have made a website telling our stories and showing all different steps from first idea to the final release.
Go check it on:

PART I - Joystick

The Dragonfly ZX.32 is known for its strong ergonomy which provide you
reactivity and fast movement without loosing comfort and your hands.

PART II - Cockpit

It was a pretty fun experience, because you are here with a closed space and a lot of constraints. Those spaces are tiny and they need to be very functionals: sit correctly inside, the availability to reach each button or panels with your hands, same for the view, the more you can see, the more you can strike!
I took my inspiration from the helicopters cockpits as they have a lot of tech stuff inside, the perfect excuse to add button panels everywhere.

Engines control

Lets go for a ride baby!

Multi Screens System Display

Everything looks fine? Take a look!

Head-up Display system

Come on, dont tell me you can shoot them without a crosshair…

Power Control & alternative switches

Believe me its the useless button of the cockpit.

Radio & System control

An essential tool to keep contact with ground control or your wife.

Various commands & display panels

I said Various.

Cockpit Top View

Lets take a bit of distance now.

Cockpit 360° Interactive View

Grab, Pan & Scroll to enjoy it, fullscreen is also available.

[ipanorama id=”45701″]

PART III - The Vector model: Limited Edition.

The legendary Vector of the trailer is finally available in limited edition, lets enjoy all its features. 

Behind The Vector

The graphic universe of Strike Vector is clearly industrial, giant stuctures everywhere and the vectors are fully customizable, they are inspired from existing aircrafts and machines, its a mix of different pieces of planes and helicopters.
I followed the same logic on this Vector, it’s an assembly of different parts of aircrafts: you can recognize an helicopter on the front for example, its a blending between the French Eurocopter Tigre and Russian choppers like the Mi-35. The vertical turbine is inspired from airplane turbine and the turboboost from the thruster of a rocket. It’s the same for the weapons, the gatling is deeply inspired from the gatling of the Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II and the rocket launcher from the canon of a Tank.
The result is a mashup of existing military vehicles, to obtain this 30 meters long Vector deeply rugged by time.
If you want to know more about the process and see some work in progress of the design you can go check it here.

An angular cockpit

For a really agressive silhouette and easiest dogfights.

A 10 meters minigun with a 100mm canons

You not only shoot your enemy, no, you literally cut him, no matter the size.

Rocket Booster

Have you already felt dozens of G? There is an occasion to.

The engine

A multi functionnal and customizable support.

Fuel Tank

A heavy fuel tank resitant to any situation.

Mounted on renforced frame with 360° X axis.

A revolution in matter of movement, maximizing both offensive and defensive possibilites.

Aerodynamic shields and variable geometry with spoilers

Maximum speed to the lowest in less than 3sec, the perfect airbrake.

2 Jet fighters motors

The power of a jet fighter multiplied by 2, with the other side of the vector  we have a total of 4.
Don’t imagine it, you can’t.

Engines & Booster

Offensive stuff

Various details

PART IV - Black & White Serie

It’s all about shapes, details and silhouette.