CLIENT  Capsule Studio

YEAR  2018

Had the luck to work on all in-game cinematics and the trailer of The Surge 2 as concept designer and assets and environments supervisor for Capsule Studio. This position involved the visual development of each 3 sequences of the trailer and allowed me to create from scratch to final shot a full crossroads of a slum district for the Fight environment. I also worked on the first Dune sequence from scratch, and developed it until I got a basic set dress and lighting, once we where ok with the direction Louis Marsaud continued to upgrade it.
As supervisor I also helped Samy Seffadj on its work on the Street sequence to help him to follow the direction we wanted. It was mainly feedbacks and advices on frame composition, scale management, scene/lighting optimisation and both visual and functional improvement, this task also brought me to directly work on the sequence and upgrade the scene when it was necessary.

Fight Env Design 360 View

Fight Env Design 360 View

Fight Env Design

E3 Trailer Stills

Fight Environment Design Evolution

Environments Raw Timelapse & Process

As making-of, to illustrate my process of environment set dress, lighting and assembly I compiled a selection of test renders made during this production.
I only edited them to create different videos to illustrate the different phase during the creation of the trailer. Thought it was a good way to share my workflow without artifice of every regular day at work for the best and the worst.
Those are only a glimpse of the total amount made during 9 months (over 8000 single frames).