CLIENT  Capsule Studio

YEAR  2018

Had the luck to also work on all in-game cinematics and the trailer of The Surge 2 as assets and environment supervisor. This position also allowed me to create from scratch to final shot the Fight sequence.
I also worked on the first Dune sequence for the blockout, basic set dress and basic lighting, then Louis Marsaud continued to upgrade it.
As supervisor I also helped Samy Seffadj on its work on the Street sequence. It was mainly feedbacks and advise on frame composition, scale management and scene/lighting optimisation this task also brought me to directly work on the sequence and upgrade the scene when it was necessary.

Fight Environments Evolution

Environments Raw Timelapse & Process

As making-of, to illustrate my process of environment set dress, lighting and assembly I compiled EVERY test render and render made during this production.
I only edited them to create different videos to illustrate the different phase during the creation of the trailer. Thought it was a good way to share my workflow without artifice of every regular day at work for the best and the worst.
Those are only a glimpse of the total amount made during 9 months (over 8000 single frames).