The Surge

Trailer and in-games cinematics for the game The Surge

CLIENT  Capsule Studio

YEAR  2016

The Surge is the first project of the new post-production studio Capsule based in Paris, produced by Focus Interactive and developed by Deck13 this Action-RPG game take place in a dystopian Future.
As a brand new studio we were a small team, but used to work together, we had 4 and half months to start from scratch and deliver those 6:16 minutes of this dystopian world called The Surge.

My role was to produce all the cinematic assets, from the armors to ennemies, weapons but also environments, props, pre-lighting for the ambiance of the shots and scene assembly of a part of the trailer. It was a lot of responsibilities on a really short deadline.
The anatomy work with the two characters and the cloths were made by the talented Character Artist Julien Nicolas.

If I had to define my main goal on The Surge in one word it will be: Efficiency. To find the best balance between quality, realism and productivity.


Here you can see the final result of the work done for the In-Game cinematics on the environments, I was in charge of producing every assets and the set dress of every sequence. I also made the lighting for all the cinematics which was then upgraded shot by shot to match to the characters.

I applied the same process as previously for all the environment and props. I had a big work of “destroying” and detailing to create this abandoned place. I started from an structured factory in using the environment from game then I started to break it and recreate the effect of time on an abandoned factory with the emergence of rust, dirt and moistness.

The trailer was by far the biggest part of this project with the almost 300 assets I had to rework and integrate to make it both realistic and awesome.