The Surge

Trailer and in-games cinematics for the game The Surge

CLIENT  Capsule Studio

YEAR  2016

The Surge is the first project of the new post-production studio Capsule based in Paris, produced by Focus Interactive and developed by Deck13 this Action-RPG game take place in a dystopian Future.
As a brand new studio we were a small team, but used to work together, we had 4 and half months to start from scratch and deliver those 6:16 minutes of this dystopian world called The Surge.

My role was to produce all the cinematic assets, from the armors to ennemies, weapons but also environments, props, pre-lighting for the ambiance of the shots and scene assembly of a part of the trailer. It was a lot of responsibilities on a really short deadline.
The anatomy work with the two characters and the cloths were made by the talented Character Artist Julien Nicolas.

If I had to define my main goal on The Surge in one word it will be: Efficiency. To find the best balance between quality, realism and productivity.

Exoskeleton & Process

The renders below are a WIP of the Exo, close to its final stage. The character and his clothes was also a WIP of Julien Nicolas, we worked simultaneously on the hero, Warren. Me on hard surface stuff and him and anatomic and organic stuff which was essential to avoid movement and collision problems between the clothes and the exo.


On the armors, I tried to play a lot with bolts and screws to better identify the different parts and project us more into the functionality of each one, how they are attached, reinforced and articulated. I also used booleans to machining the heaviest parts and make them a bit lighter with negative shapes, which have for result to renforce the feeling of heaviness.
Colors, silhouette and style of originals designs from game weren’t changed.


Some views of the ennemies of the trailer I had to also make, my work was mainly to improve the level of details from the original designs of the game.